Peoples Exhibition

Students in Year 9 from Moulsham High School, Chelmsford used the activities to debate the future of Antarctica. Have a look at the powerpoint presentation they made for their class. They also gave us some honest feedback on their use of the site and shared their ideas in a workshop at the Association of Citizenship Teachers.

"The website was well laid out and easy to move around. We didn't think there were enough questions in the quiz and they could have been more challenging, or you could be able to choose a difficulty setting, say easy, medium or hard. When we had finished the quiz it showed us pictures of Antarctica. Many of them were appealing to look out."

Rishpal, Year 9

"I think it would be beneficial to use a forum in a lesson because it is a good way to share ideas and opinions. It is a better way of creating down your ideas because you can type it on the computer and everyone can see your ideas."

Simon, Year 9

The class used the downloadable decision making exercise on the treaty.

"We had to put these into a diamond shape, showing how important we thought each of the issues on the card were. Actually having to physically pick these cards up and sort them out made me think about the issues more in depth. It didnt really feel like I was doing work in the lesson, which is a good thing but more like we were having a discussion instead. This made the lesson more interesting than working from books answering questions, which is boring."

Stedman, Year 9

To read poetry written by children in year 8 at Barton Court School please download poem 1 and poem 2.

This area is for you to share your creative work. Have you been inspired by the images from the gallery to tell us your own views or experiences of Antarctica? Have you had a debate about the impact of tourism on the environment or the impact of global warming on our planet? If you have, email your contributions to or post them to Unlocking the Archives, Education Officer, RGS-IBG, 1, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR, United Kingdom. Please remember to include your contact details.